The MAHLE Eco Rallye de la Comunitat Valenciana is an automobile event open to the participation of electric and low-emission vehicles, first held in 2014 with the aim of promoting efficient driving and the sustainable use of automobiles. This year, the eleventh edition was held in Castellón from the 16th to 18th February of 2024, like the previous ten editions.

The Castellón event was once again a scoring event for the national and international alternative energy championships and was open to the participation of electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles, which were divided into three different and independent categories.

As usual, the capital of the province was the centre of operations of the eco-rally, hosting both the permanent office and the press room, the two official hotels of the event, and the departures and arrivals of the stages on Saturday and Sunday. Oropesa and Onda continued to play an important role in the route on Saturday.

Anyone can take part in an eco-rally, the only requirement being that they must have a vehicle belonging to any of the three categories described above. If you want to live the experience of participating in the MAHLE Eco Rallye de la Comunitat Valenciana

We look forward to seeing you!


Eco rallies constitute a new competition format, both innovative and original, in which speed is replaced by regularity and efficient driving.


This type of event promotes low-emission automobiles as well as the development of alternative energies, advocating for sustainable mobility.


They are raced using production cars and under normal traffic conditions, which facilitates the participation of drivers of all sorts, with no sportive experience or large budgets.


Combining road sections and special stages, as in speed rallies, except that here it is not the team that runs the fastest that wins, but the one that drives the most efficiently.


Racing cars are replaced by electric or hybrid vehicles, conveying a modern and technological image, in an exclusive setting still rarely seen in Spain.


Due to their characteristics, eco-rallies allow participation with guarantees without having to face large investments, thus offering an ideal entry point into motor sports.